Facade/Mortar Restorations

Restoration is the conservation the fabric and essence of a building, using methodology sympathetic to the original design and use by incorporating technology that will facilitate the future use and needs. ASR has built an envialble reputation within the industry as a leader in these fields for quality, integrity and satisfaction.
We are fortunate to be in the unique position of offering as a package, a highly qualified industrial chemist and practical contractual expertise. This allows us to tailer meet a particular demand. As a result of our commitment to excellence, we have been involved with many of the major restoration projects undertaken in Australia.

New Technology

Deteriorating facades & fretting mortar are an age old occurrence. Traditional systems have been developed with current technology specifically to allow the restoration of old facades and fretting mortars.

The Description

  • The MXL system embraces the use of both mechanical and pneumatic guns to pump specially formulated latex cement mortar mixes. These mixes can be coloured and rules to match existing jointing.

The Cause

  • The common problem for mortars are rising damp, weak mixes, inadequate construction techniques and sprinklers.

The Solution

Many factors need to be assessed about your building so that the system used restores the integrity and aesthetics of the structure. Our aim is for an invisible repair. The features of our pumping system are:

  • Colour matching within 5%
  • Increased life expectancy
  • No smearing
  • Bonding enhanced
  • Joint width at surface controlled
  • Water absorption maintained
  • Products are water-based and safe for home owners
  • Acid not required
  • Pressure filing ensures total fill


  • State War Memorial - Kings Park
  • Commonwealth Bank - Forrest Place Perth
  • Jewish War Memorial - Kings Park
  • Hyde Park War Memorial - Sydney
  • Albany Town Hall
  • Midland Town Hall
  • Guildford Town Hall
  • Parliament House - Perth
  • Adelaide Oval - Adelaide

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