Concrete Repairs

Like cancer, concrete deterioration is unknown in it’s early stages. All concrete structures are susceptible and the older they are, the more prone to corrosion. The first signs may be rust stains or small cracking. These cracks allow the deterioration process to speed up enormously to the point where the reinforcement corrosion, under the cracks, will force pieces of concrete off this, known as concrete spalling.

Whats the plan?

The first step is to identify the source. This can be done while our trained specialist is on-site conducting the obligation free quote assessment.

The Cause

Concrete is reinforced with steel when corrosion occurs. It is mainly due to:

  • Poor construction
  • Carbon dioxide attack (carbonation)
  • Chloride attack (salts)
  • pH level in concrete altered

The Diagnosis

The key to a successful repair system is in the identification of the correct cause of the problem. This can be achieved by:

  • Working with an experienced consulting engineer - if the real cause is not identified, the repairs will only cover the problem temporarily.

The Solution

There are two parts to the solution:

  • Repair & replace damaged contaminated concrete using a specialised polymer modified water-based cementation mortar using skilled technicians for it's placement/application.
  • Prevention - technology now provides us with many products and systems to protect your concrete, wether it be old or new, against solution and ingress from destructive elements.

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